Monday, June 4, 2012

Future Student Cards/Father's Day Project

Today was our last full day of school- just a half day left tomorrow! Crazy how time flies! Aside from finishing up some last minute organizing and cleaning today, we also used our time wisely to complete some fun end-of-the-year projects. 

First, we spent our morning writing cards to the future second grade dual language students who are currently in first grade right now, sharing with them how to prepare for second grade and what they will learn during their next school year! Here are some examples:

(Second grade is super! First, the expectation is that you listen when someone is speaking and there are also more expectations that you must follow. Next, in mathematics you are going to learn about fractions, division, multiplication, and more. Furthermore, en second grade you will also read at a higher reading level with the teacher. You are going to do a super job!)

(In second grade it is going to be more difficult. First, you are going to learn multiplication. Second, you are going to learn cursive. Furthermore, you are going to learn about the continents from books. Now you know things that you are going to learn in second grade.)

We put all of our cards together to create this class book. I gave it to the first grade dual teacher to read to the class this afternoon! 

"Cards for the future second grade students"

Then this afternoon, we made our Father's Day project as well. Can't leave out the dads!

I found this "Super Dad" activity created by Kristin @ Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten. Clearly it was more than necessary that we completed this activity as my superkids came from "Super Dads"!

Here are some of the examples of our finished product. We glued the page on construction paper to add a border, but it kind of got cut out of the pictures a little bit.

For our English speaking dads...

(You can snag a copy of this exact page by going to Kristin's blog link above)

And in Spanish...

Click here for the translated copy I created!

Anyone else finishin up tomorrow!?

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